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Introduce your little one to the Settin’ Sail specially crafted High Contrast Flashcards! Engage and stimulate your baby's developing vision with our captivating set of Nautical-themed flashcards, thoughtfully designed to support early visual development in infants. Created with high contrast colors and bold, black-and-white illustrations, these flashcards will attract and hold a baby's attention, fostering visual tracking and focus.Each card features high contrast imagery of life on the high seas.


PLEASE NOTE: The picture quality in our previews is watermarked and of standard quality. After purchase you will receive a Zip file with the downloads at a 600 dpi without a watermark. When the Zip file is downloaded there will be 18 indiviual prints and 9 dual prints. 


Why Choose Our High Contrast Flashcards?

  • Developmental Benefits: Studies show that high contrast visuals help in visual development and stimulate a baby's brain, aiding in cognitive and sensory development.

  • Parent-Baby Bonding: Share precious moments with your little one while exploring these engaging flashcards together.

  • Language Acquisition: Pairing high contrast images with interesting storytelling prompts parents or caregivers to describe the images using rich vocabulary. This exposure to language helps infants in the early stages of language acquisition, expanding their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Perfect for: Newborns, infants, and toddlers up to 12 months old. Give your baby the gift of visual stimulation and discovery with our Settin’ Sail High Contrast Flashcards. Watch as your little one's eyes light up with wonder and curiosity as they embark on their visual journey with these captivating cards!

High Contrast Flashcards: Settin' Sail

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