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                 I'm Danielle, a New York State certified English Language Educator with a rich background in Montessori daycare. In addition to my current educational career of ten years, I nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit by starting Edventful Play. Both my career as a classroom teacher and role as a business owner is fueled by my unwavering passion to nurture young minds in early and adolescent childhood development. 


          Dedicated to excellence, Edventful Play, is an esteemed Limited Liability Company (LLC) that is fully insured, guaranteeing a secure environment. Our commitment to ensuring both fun and engagement sets us apart in delivering an enriching educational experience.

         My favorite pastimes include embarking on adventures with my lively toddler daughter in Brooklyn (especially zoos, aquariums and museums), uncovering hidden culinary gems with my college sweetheart husband, soaking up the sun at the beach, enjoying leisurely strolls in the park, delighting in the beauty of the Botanical Gardens and finding some free time to listen to memoir comedy audiobooks.


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